For Needy Students
Scholarships 2014
Akhuwat PCCM College is offering number of scholarships for brilliant and needy students.
We will provide our students with a very personal experience of getting to know their faculty, their Dean, the Principal of the Institute, along with illuminuries from academia and the real world.
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Akhuwat PCCM College encourages personality development through the extra curricular activities of students in different activities. In this context, Akhuwat PCCM College faculty and students actively participate in volunteer activities.


Our students and faculty have been associated with renowned NGO's such as AKHUWAT, SOS VILLAGES, SHAUKAT KHANUM, FOUNTAIN HOUSE, YATEEM KHANA, MAKE A DREAM, & many more.

Message by Directorsloved by millions of people around the city!

A teacher learns as much as he teaches, if not more. The relationship between students is that of mutual exchange. Both work together over the same question and if they seek sincerely, there is enlightenment at the end for both of them. I do not adhere to the image of a teacher as a distant, authoritarian figure - inaccessible and remote. I believe that real learning can only take place when there is a human touch to the student - teacher exchange, warmth in the environment and willingness to communicate and understand. We should endeavor to be sensitive to your difficulties and problems and work towards finding solutions and arriving at answers. Commerce & Management are all-encompassing disciplines. A commerce and management degree will not only lead to detailed knowledge of business and accounting but will also enable the student to develop skills of analysis and reasoning. The syllabus covers a wide range of topics providing an important foundation for those intending to venture into the arena of business or commerce. It is also a great advantage to students wishing to pursue careers outside of the business profession, for example in the spheres of government, social organizations, industry and in managerial or administrative fields. Our faculty is alive towards the need for raising awareness, especially pertaining to career orientation and the job market. The academic input in PCCM is focused on preparing students for the challenging competitive world. Ours is a college that has sincerity of purpose, commitment and a vision. We hope that you experience with us will be fruitful and you will go out into the world with an enlightened mind and a warm heart.

Professor Humayun Ihsan Director

Akhuwat PCCM College with a clear vision is dedicated to shoulder the burden of revamping commerce & mangaement education for tomorrow's need. I strongly believe that this college will bring a great phenomenal change in the educational and professional sectors by improving the standards and producing such human resources for the country which will not only fulfill the local needs but also be fully prepared to compete the global market. We are helping government through our personal endeavor to make Pakistan strong and invincible. We have taken the initiative because we believe that YES WE CAN.

Dr Izhar Ul Haq Hashmi Director
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